How to Export WhatsApp Contacts to Computer

Export WhatsApp Contacts to Computer
Export WhatsApp Contacts to Computer

Are you aware How to Export WhatsApp Contacts to Computer? WhatsApp is a messaging service that allows users to send and receive messages from one another. WhatsApp is frequently used for widespread online chats. Managing the contacts one at a time will take a lot of time in that situation.

By doing this, you might lessen the likelihood that you’ll mistakenly delete contacts when uninstalling WhatsApp Messenger or lose your WhatsApp connections. One approach is to correctly save and store the contacts on the computer. Anyhow, copying the contacts to the PC is challenging.

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Two distinct methods of exporting contacts will be described in this article:

The First Method is:

Export WhatsApp Contacts to Computer: WhatsApp is a messaging service that allows users to send and receive messages from one another. The majority of users of this strategy are Android users. Due to the application’s availability on Google Play and other stores.

The actions required to do are:

1. Install the Export Contacts For WhatsApp app by going to the Google Play Store.

2. Open the app after the installation procedure is complete. To continue, tap Sign In. Any Google account information can be entered to sign in.

3. The program syncs the contacts by itself after automatically scanning them.

4. Select the Export Contacts option after the procedure is complete and export the contacts to a CSV file.

Note: This app’s free edition allows you to export up to 100 contacts at once.

Before beginning the exporting procedure, the contacts can be viewed and chosen.

5. Next, choose the appropriate filename and press Export.

A CSV file containing the directed name and contact will be saved in the WhatsApp Contacts Export folder in only a few seconds.

You can email the file separately or manually transfer the file via a USB link if necessary.

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The Second Method Of Export WhatsApp Contacts to Computer:

Keeping contacts locally on a Mac or PC:

This method will work if there isn’t an Android device available and you’re looking for an iPhone device to download or move contacts from WhatsApp to a PC.

Open Google Chrome and add the WhatsApp bookmarklet. Go to in a new window. Click the newly created bookmarklet in the toolbar once the webpage has opened.

Prior to the extraction procedure, there is the option of selecting a CSV list of the WhatsApp contacts. For the WhatsApp network, it is preferable to have a print-ready address book. The CSV file is in charge of containing profiles, contact information, and high-resolution photos.

Since the URL in this case is entirely session-based, the bookmarklet can be used to download the entire website to the PC. The entire page can be downloaded using the functional keys Ctrl+S and Cmd+S, allowing you to permanently export them and download whatever you need.

The lack of comprehensive contact information for each chat is the single negative of the two techniques mentioned above. In addition, these two ways may have some absurd issues, but these can be handled in some other way.


One such tool that any company should use to advertise their brand and thus boost sales is WhatsApp. Despite the fact that there are many alternatives to the ones mentioned above, try putting them into practice according to the situation.

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