Top 10 Best Android Phone In 2022

Best Android Phone

Are you looking for the Best Android Phone in 2022? Because there are so many Android phones to choose from, we’ve evaluated and ranked the finest you can get right now, including the Pixel 6 Pro.

New phones are released on a regular basis, particularly in the realm of Android. Apple’s iPhones will always be popular, but phones running Google’s mobile OS provide a wider range of options – and often superior specs for the same price.

With phones like the Xiaomi 12, the OnePlus 10 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S21 FE all new arrivals that we’ll be reviewing as soon as we can, we’re only just beginning to see the Android phones that will shape the coming year.

Until then, last year brought us some incredible phones that are still worth buying, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Xiaomi Mi 11, as well as a terrific foldable in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Unfortunately, the OnePlus flagships had a bad year, with the OnePlus 9 series failing to enter our top 10, albeit the mid-range Nord 2 did.

At Tech Advisor, we thoroughly examine each phone individually so that we can provide you with the greatest options available at any given time. We’ve ranked the top 10 here, but keep checking back because this list is updated on a regular basis.

We have thorough benchmarks, test pictures, and more for you to examine if you click through to our in-depth reviews.

2022’s Best Android Phones

1. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra


After the disappointing Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020, Samsung has finally lived up to the term with a follow-up that delivers about everything you might expect from an Android flagship – albeit at a premium that only a select few can afford and in a body factor that will be too huge for some.

With a 108MP main camera, an ultrawide, and two telephoto lenses at various zoom levels, the camera is one of the greatest in any phone.

The large 6.8-inch display offers high WQHD+ quality and an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz, and it also addresses the productivity gap left by the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra thanks to the new S-pen stylus functionality.

2. The Google Pixel 6 Pro

Pixel phones are usually all about the camera, and nothing has changed this year in that regard. That’s not to say the camera hasn’t changed: it now has a 48-megapixel main lens, as well as an ultrawide and periscopic telephoto lens, making it the most powerful Pixel camera ever.

Few phones can match the photographic output here, thanks to AI smarts powered by Android 12 and Google’s new Tensor chip.

You’ll have to put up with slow charging (and buy your own charger), as well as the fact that this is a huge phone with a contentious design – you might like it, but lots of others don’t.

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3. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3.

A new design not only looks a lot better but integrates waterproofing and is more practical thanks to the larger cover display.

With a Snapdragon 888 in tow, the core stats are solid throughout, and the 12MP main and ultrawide cameras are solid if not extraordinary – but you may miss having a telephoto lens.

The Flip 3’s biggest flaw is its battery life, which only lasts around a day. If you can live with that, however, this is the first foldable that feels truly competitive at its price range.

4. The Oppo Find X3 Pro

By every standard, the Oppo Find X3 Pro is a fantastic phone. Oppo backs up the 6.7in 10-bit 120Hz QHD+ panel with 65W wired and 30W wireless charging, a 4500mAh battery, and a top-tier camera with 50Mp sensors on both the main and ultrawide lenses.

You’ll have to do without a periscopic zoom lens (the telephoto here is only 2x), but Oppo does include a novel microlens camera that can take microscopic super-closeups. That’s not the only strangeness; thanks to a smoothly sloping camera module embedded right into the phone’s glass, the design is completely unique.

With all of the above plus a Snapdragon 888 CPU, 512GB storage, and 12GB RAM, the Find X3 Pro is hard to top for pure performance. You simply must be willing to pay the price, as it is not inexpensive.

5. The Samsung Galaxy S21

Don’t mistake the S21 for a cheaper version of the S21 Ultra; Samsung has improved the hardware while maintaining the same excellent balancing act as last year’s Galaxy S20.

As a result, you get some of the best performance currently available in an Android phone, a fresh new design, outstanding battery life, the latest Android 11 (dressed in Samsung’s proprietary One UI 3.1 at launch), and integrated 5G – all in a small package.

All of this is available at a lower price than its predecessor, though you can always pay a little more for the larger S21+ if you want.

6. The OnePlus Nord 2: Best Android Phone.

The OnePlus 2 Nord, which is powered by a modified version of MediaTek’s 5G-capable Dimensity 1200 chipset, is a worthy successor.

The Nord 2 also features a 90Hz AMOLED display, a fantastic primary 50MP camera, and quick 65W charging.

The company’s OxygenOS user experience is also a key feature in terms of software, bringing responsive interactivity and a clean interface to the table, which contributes to the phone’s powerful, premium feel.

The Nord CE 5G, which takes most of these fantastic features but wraps them in a plastic body with a few minor important downgrades elsewhere, was recently released by OnePlus. Overall, we prefer the Nord 2, but if you’re on a budget, the CE 5G is certainly worth considering.

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7. Xiaomi Mi 11: Best Android Phone

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 CPU, which is teamed with 8GB RAM and enough of storage, makes the Xiaomi Mi 11 a rock-solid performance.

With a WQHD+ 120Hz AMOLED display (quad-curved, no less), 108MP rear camera, and 55W fast charging paired with 50W wireless charging, the Mi 11 is hard to beat for specs at this price point.

There are a few small drawbacks, such as the lack of an IP rating, the lack of a telephoto camera, and Xiaomi’s MIUI OS. If you’re searching for sheer performance, however, look no further.

There’s also the Mi 11 Ultra, which adds faster charging and a more powerful camera, but at a significant cost: the camera is large and unsightly, which is why we prefer the ordinary Mi 11.

8. The Realme GT: Best Android Phone

For the money, the Realme GT gives you a lot of phones.

The Snapdragon 888 processor is paired with the quickest RAM and storage available, as well as 65W wired charging and a 120Hz AMOLED display – all of which are practically flagship specifications.

Of course, because this isn’t a flagship phone, there are a few things missing. For one, there’s no wireless charging or waterproofing, and while the main camera is good, there’s only a basic ultrawide and no telephoto.

If performance is your top goal, though, the price is unbeatable – and the fact that it’s all wrapped in a stunning racing striped yellow vegan leather body doesn’t hurt either.

For a similar but less powerful experience, check out the Realme GT Master Edition.

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9. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro is one of the greatest phones you can buy at its pricing point, with Xiaomi providing excellent value.

The gorgeous screen with AMOLED technology and a 120Hz refresh rate is the first highlight, followed by a fantastic set of cameras. The main attraction is a whopping 108Mp image, which is backed up by a respectable ultra-wide and surprisingly good Telemacro.

The core specifications are adequate, relying on the Snapdragon 732G for seamless performance. The Redmi Note 10 Pro, on the other hand, does not support 5G, which could be a deal-breaker.

MIUI also has a flaw in its extremely complex interface, which isn’t as elegant or easy to use as many of its competitors – even though you can make it a lot better than default with a little tweaking.

10. The Vivo X60 Pro: Best Android Phone

The Vivo X60 Pro is the only phone in the X60 series to be released in the United Kingdom and Europe, but it’s perhaps the best of the bunch.

Its two main merits are its design and camera. Despite having a 6.56in the display (120Hz AMOLED, for what it’s worth), it’s one of the thinnest and lightest phones available right now, at 7.6mm thick and 177g. The illusion is completed by the frosted glass finish, which comes in Shimmer Blue (shown) or a more subtle black.

The 48MP f/1.5 gimbal-stabilized main camera is one of the greatest in any phone, especially in low light or for video. The package is completed with 13MP wide-angle and 2x zoom lenses, each of which is more than capable of holding its own.

There’s no waterproofing or wireless charging, and the display only goes up to Full HD, but if you can get over those flaws, this is a fantastic Android flagship.